Smoke Gallery
Events by & for Artists, Soul-Boys, Soul-Girls, Reducers & Minimalists, Inverts, Dreads, T-boys, B-girls, Skaters, Mods, Disco-Divas, Punks, Party-Animals, Loosies, Veterans, House-Heads, Availablists, Fatties, Lurkers, Transvestites, Freckled Fuckers, Bedwetters, Geeks, Vandals, Amputees, Pansies, Lesbian Separatists, Visionaries, Kids that don't know better, Soul-Jazz-Chin-Strokers, Mormons, Truth Speakers, Palestinians & Israelis who thro'n down funk together, Perfectionists, Boy-Friends, Girl-Friends, Fashionistas, Family… and YOU!
About Smoke Gallery

You’ve fallen to earth. You’re bored and need to connect & dance.

We lead people to art & put art together as parties with DJ’s, VJ’s, Multimedia & Live Demos… all around Niagara Falls, Canada.

For OUR NEXT PARTY!!! email us here,  get on the list and the directions to land.

The space that launched a thousand trips… as of 2009 The Smoke Gallery Art Gallery Venue has been modified into a rarities and collectibles boutique called “Ape-sma” run by Brother Frank. Tune in and Drop out.