Smoke Gallery
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This will be Toronto’s premier and major Augmented Reality (AR) event hosted by OCAD 10am – 5pm February 27th 2010. Lcation: The Ontario College of Art & Design
It is aninformal gathering for all walks of ‘AR’ life, for anyone who is interested in AR, works, researches, talks, studies, and experiments. It is set up [...]

Zombies everywhere.

Our Solar powered DJ set in the Niagara Gorge was kicked off by local librarian Andrew Protues and Son who finished off a grand canvas with a paintball gun. The cops showed up too.

Our Dream Machine matched beats & vibes.

Zaxxon showed up, stunned us all.

Basically we had some Dangerous & Adventurous highschool students perfect their Graffiti Abilities and get together in one place.

… & red wine all over.

All night.

Rainbows all around.


… hot chocolate and skateboards!

… art landed and no one had a camera.

Live – graffiti artist Ubmac bombed the gallery and smacked empty venues on the street. We love your extra effort.

Siyan Chen’s ‘No Pandas’ exhibit, curated and imported from China was fresh dope.

… Jazz, Jungle Beats & Soul.

July’s hake down with audio art & film.

.. . the Mayor showed up!

Make the Transition…

We’re #1 was our kick-ass-off event… we didn’t know what to expect and neither did everyone who packed the house!